Spidi X-Tour H2Out Set : Review

I wasn’t familiar with Spidi’s line of multi-season touring gear. I had always thought of Spidi as a brand most at home on the race track. So when they sent over the X-Tour H2Out jacket and pants, I didn’t quite know what to expect. After using the X-Tour over the last two months in all sorts of weather, I can report that the set took everything I threw at it with ease and embodies everything a rider looks for in quality multi-season gear.

The qualifications for “multi-season” gear are pretty simple— perform from cold to hot and wet to dry. It’s the extremes to which the gear is able to span these conditions that proves whether it’s worth the cost. With the X-Tour H2Out you have a waterproof shell with removable full-length liners in both the pants and jacket. Having a waterproof shell in lieu of a detachable waterproof liner can be a death sentence for a motorcycle jacket. Usually that impermeable shell will start to bake you when temperatures rise. Spidi has made sure there will be no cooking of any sort with vents at the arms, shoulders, and two exhausts on the back. 

If things really start to heat up, the main two-zipper setup of the shell allows you to leave the inner secondary zip undone and get even more air flowing inside. The actual intent of that little innovation is that it helps keep the rain out with an additional layer of protection. Further helping with the H2Out mantra are gussets at the wrists and fly and zippers at every pocket, with the chest pockets being taped and the hip pockets being velcroed and button-snapped.

I had the chance to ride with the X-Tour H2Out set in temperatures ranging from 32°F to 80°F and was impressed at how well everything handled the range of conditions. When it came to the early morning cold, being able to zip the pants and jacket together was a lifesaver.  Having both the thermal liner and outer shell neck rolls buttoned up kept my neck free of any chills. In the heat, being able to tune the airflow with the many available vents made for a surprisingly pleasant ride, even when the humidity was at 90%. Another plus to the X-Tour H2Out set is the real estate for armor. Spidi takes its racing pedigree and applies it to the X-Tour with armor that fully encompasses the shoulders and elbows while also making accommodations for back and chest armor. By throwing in these extra accommodations, Spidi shows a dedication to safety for the riders that don their gear.

The X-Tour H2Out set is not without a few areas for future improvement. The pants, while having vents, only vent to the internal waterproof liner. The air coming in is helpful, but ultimately if temps really skyrocket I’m afraid a little swamp butt would be inevitable. The armor in the knees definitely needs some adjustability as well. While I’m sure most riders will be fine with the single setting of the knee armor, my 6’2” self found the armor riding a little high. Lastly, the waterproof gussets… while awesome for keeping rain out, they didn’t always get along with the adjacent zippers.

The X-Tour H2Out set impressed me from the moment I took it out of the box. Having the typical trademarks of Spidi’s quality Italian apparel, the materials and construction leave you feeling confident that this is an investment in gear that will stand the test of time. While there’s room for some possible improvements, the X-Tour H2Out set will have you joyfully riding in the vast majority of conditions. Keeping you safe with armor, warm with liners, cool with vents, and dry with a bulletproof shell, the X-Tour H2Out set distinguishes itself as high-end multi-season gear with ease, in typical Spidi fashion.

Photos Via: Essential Moto
Spidi X-Tour H2Out Set provided by Spidi


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