SP Connect Moto Mount Pro: Review

The balance of aesthetics and function is always something I’m weighing when it comes to my motorcycle and gear. If you think that sounds ridiculous you’re most likely wearing an Aerostitch and riding a V-Strom. Don’t get me wrong, if the function of something is so great that it makes the aesthetics cancel out, then I have no problem. Personally though, I appreciate functional design and incorporating beauty into those things that we use everyday. That’s why when I saw SP Connect’s Moto Mount Pro I knew it was something I had to try out.

After a bit of pleading with the SP Connect folks, they sent a Moto Bundle for iPhone over for review and it’s been on my bike ever since. The kit includes the mount, phone case, weather cover, and various fitments and parts to let you change up where your phone connects. The adjustability of the Moto Mount Pro is awesome, allowing you to position your phone exactly where you want it thanks to the aluminum armature and two 180° locking swivels.

Once it’s cranked down tight, the Moto Mount Pro offers what I experienced to be a direct connection to the bike with next to no vibration transferred. The locking mechanism that attaches the phone to the Moto Mount Pro is deceptively simple, but quite stout and attaches in seconds. Once the phone is twisted into place you’d be hard-pressed to get any unwanted movement, which is what puts the Moto Mount Pro directly in contention with a RAM X-Grip level of quality for motorcycle phone mounts.

The SP Connect Moto Mount’s key differentiator is its ease of use and that it actually looks good when you’re not using it. Akin to some multipurpose steering stabilizer, the Moto Mount Pro is another piece of utilitarian hardware that holds on to your phone with remarkable security, but doesn’t ruin aesthetics with high profile rubber knobs and shiny chrome plating. Similarly the case that comes with the Moto Bundle is not an afterthought. It’s legitimacy lies in the quality of material that SP Connect used along with a sleek design that doesn’t have any weird hang-ups keeping it from doing its main job of protecting your phone.

If you find yourself wanting to see that map on your phone without pulling over six times to fish it out of your pocket, then the SP Connect Moto Mount Pro is definitely worth checking out.


Photos Via: Essential Moto

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