Rev’It! Vapor H2O Gloves Review

This glove made me realize that ‘all season’ doesn’t mean the same for everybody.

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The Rev’It Vapor H2O is an exceptionally well made glove, this is something I’ve come to expect from Rev’It. I’m a huge fan of all their understatedly simple, yet flashy gear. I know that doesn’t make sense, but I sat here for 5 minutes re-writing a description and the next best thing had ‘euro-trash’ in it.

The gloves have an ample amount of protection, while not being a racing glove. If these had more in the way of wrist protection I’d say they’d be close to the RSR 2 or the Jerez in terms of safety.

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The slight downgrade in wrist protection does lend itself to one thing though, fitting your jacket sleeve over the cuff. Some folks can’t understand why anyone would ever want to do this, but I like to do this, and if you get these gloves you better like to do it too. There is little chance of these bad boys fitting on top of any jacket without looking like a grown man’s hand trying to get to the bottom of a Pringles can. You can force it, but I don’t recommend it.
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The weather protection so far has been fantastic. Wearing these in moderate rain fall has left me quite dry, while allowing things to breathe. That being said, here is my chief complaint – these gloves are great down to 45° degrees and up to 85° degrees (F°). Quite a large range and in some places definitely all seasons. Sadly though, this is not my reality. On a recent outing where temperatures were around the mid 90°’s, my hands got quite sweaty and weren’t all that comfortable. On the other side, riding in sub 40°, you are going to wish you had sprung for hand guards.

I am quite happy with my purchase, even if it was a bit spendy. For the overwhelming majority of my riding and commuting these fit the bill. The quality of the glove is great, although the leather has turned a slightly lesser shade of black due to sun exposure which may bother some. This unexpected change doesn’t bug me and I’m picky when it comes to this sort of thing. Like all things though, if you’ve done your research and come across these, odds are you are looking for a good all-arounder. The Vapor gloves are just that, not the best at one thing, but certainly a comfortable and well made jack of all trades.

Revit_Vapor_H2O_Gloves Review
Like always Revzilla has a fantastic video review as well.
Photos Via: Essential Moto

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