Rev’It! Ignition 2 Jacket Review

The Ignition 2 all-weather jacket by Rev’It! does all things a moto jacket should do, and it does them well.

For me, the Ignition 2 ticks off all the right boxes. Below is my breakdown, after having ridden with this piece of kit for about a year in the rain, wind, and blistering sun.

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Safety comes first. Call me a nervous nelly, but making sure that an unscheduled dismount does as little damage as possible is always a good idea. With CE armor at the shoulders, elbows, and forearms, as well as an optional back protector, you are fairly well set.

The leather sleeves and strategically-placed leather back panels are “engineered skin.” I don’t really know what that means, but the Rev’It! site says it’s “monaco performance cowhide.” I wonder if the cow ever imagined that, one day, it would be referred to as “monaco performance…” Either way, it’s stout and makes me feel safe, while doing its best to try to make me look cool.

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I struggled to find a jacket that would fit—I’m 6’2,” 195lbs, and have the wingspan of a Condor. I went with the 54, and with a little bit of cinching down of the adjustable straps, it fits like a glove. It’s long enough, AND it doesn’t billow all over the place. Find a place to try one on before taking the plunge, or just rely on Revzilla’s great return policy.


If I had to guess, I’d say this was crafted by the finest elven hands in all of Lothlorien. Seriously though, next to zero fraying of any little threads, and all the zippers, buttons, and pieces still work like new after 6k miles of riding.


With the included liners, this jacket can keep you warm, dry or cool. It basically does all things well. Granted, it is black, so it’s going to heat up if you’re not moving—but the way it flows air is pretty impressive for a jacket that has a lot of leather. Perfect nearly all-season jacket for the fashion conscious. Keep in mind that you may need a an extra layer in the winter, and some extra deodorant in the summer.


I love it. I’ve worn this jacket in 35 degrees fahrenheit, with a thick base layer, and it did okay. I’ve also worn it in up to 95 degrees and it was toasty, but the textile front really does move air. After all that I’ve put it through, it still looks new. The Ignition 2 definitely gets the Essential Moto stamp of approval.

For a more detailed breakdown, head over to Revzilla.

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Photos Via: Essential Moto

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