“Pyrene” Ducati 900 SSie ’98

Radical Ducati is, if anything, aptly named. A recycled ’98 Ducati 900 SSie, Pyrene, caught our eyes like few Ducati customs have. It has all the beautiful Italian lines it was bred to have with the name Ducati. But what Radical has done here is imbue some Spanish flare to make all the pieces that were subdued, really pop. Those parts that really pop can be found here if you’re interested, if not just scroll down and try not to drool.PyrenePyrenePyrenePyrenePyrenePyrene

Photos Via: RadicalDucati.com and photo delperro. I have a ton of respect for the photographer here, taking bike photos is not easy and credit is definitely due to delperro… We just couldn’t find a link to his site, hopefully the watermark will suffice.

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