Point 65°N: Boblbee GT 25L

The Boblbee GT 25L: the backpack most likely to save your life.


When Point 65°N sent me this bag for review, my first thought was “why does it look so weird?” When I started showing it to friends, the first thing they all said was, “It looks weird.” However, after using the Boblbee GT 25L for a few weeks my perception of how this bag looks has been completely changed. The bag I previously judged to be “a little weird” now screams “purpose built beauty.” This change is due entirely to why it looks the way it does. With a few weeks of use, the function of the design became abundantly clear. It’s not weird for the sake of weird.


Every piece on the Boblbee GT 25L is purpose built, even the little duck-tail-swoopy-thing on the bottom, which we’ll get to in a moment. The most striking feature of the Boblbee GT 25L is obviously the hard shell. To me, this is hands-down the best part of the bag, and not because it keeps its shape or matches my bike, but because it will keep me safer than almost any back protector on the market. Point 65°N cites an 88% impact reduction through TUV, a third party impartial testing agency,  for blows to the back. That 88% translates into 5.8kN of force, which puts it well into the range of a CE level 2 “Master Class” back protector… and it’s a backpack! In essence what you have here is a back protector that will hold and protect your stuff in the event of a crash. This is what sets the Boblbee GT 25L apart from other bags currently on the market.



Quality construction and materials play an important role in the Boblbee GT 25L’s ability to protect. This is especially noticeable on the back side of the bag, which boasts ample padding and transitions from a mesh covering to leather at the lumbar region. Lower back support is an important part of reducing fatigue and in the event of a crash it can help keep you safe. As a result, a lot of backpack manufacturers preach the importance of good lumbar support, but the duck-tail-swoopy-thing on the Boblbee GT25L is probably the most unique solution we’ve seen. It’s shaped to conform to the lower portion of your spine, which provides the necessary support, and it pushes the load of the bag up higher on your back for a more even dispersal of weight across your shoulders.Boblbee_GT25L_0004


Safety is something that the Boblbee GT 25L has in spades. Less obvious than the ducktail are the accessories. Point 65°N has a myriad of bits and pieces you can snap, hook, and strap to this bag to suit it to your needs. From additional storage to cargo nets and waist belts, there are lots of options, even a few not normally provided on traditional packs. Check out the full range here.

Boblbee_GT25L_0007 Boblbee_GT25L_0008

With all of this bag;s great features it’s hard to see where it could wrong. My only complaints thus far aren’t really complaints, as much as they are worries. Because the bag is mostly bolted together, I’m concerned that over time these will loosen and need a tune-up of sorts. Tune-ups are a concept I’ve never considered in regards to backpacks. Granted, this isn’t a normal backpack, but backpack maintenance is still a pretty wild concept. Another possibility is the stretching-out of the elastic cords the Boblbee GT 25L uses for its top closure. While I’ve never heard of anybody having any issues with the cords wearing out, I can see this as an eventuality after prolonged use.


With custom options, a focus on safety, and quite ironically, looks that can kill, the Boblbee GT 25L is not your average backpack. For those willing to reserve judgement and look beyond the bag’s oddball exterior, the Boblbee GT25L could change your idea of the common motorcycle backpack for good.


*This write-up is based on a review unit provided to me by Point 65°N*

Photos Via: Essential Moto

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