OGIO Supermini Tanker Review

Ogio Supermini Tanker. Don’t let the stupid name ruin it for you.

What I needed was a place to put my wallet, phone, keys, and various everyday carry items. What I wanted was something that I could slap on and not subsequently change the aesthetic of the bike too much. What I found were jumbo sized monster tank bags meant for cross country trekking. This style of bag required clips and brackets that were a permanent fixture whether I was using it or not.


Then I came across the OGIO Supermini Tanker. With a fairly ridiculous name this motorcycle fanny pack of sorts does exactly what I hoped it would. It carries all the items previously mentioned along with being able, if somewhat begrudgingly so, to hold a sweat shirt or both of my jacket liners if need be. The ability to stuff the more-than-intended-to amount of crap into this little piece of luggage is what really has me convinced it’s a quality product. Then when I finally arrive at my destination I can just yank it off because it is simply, and securely, attached by magnets. This style of attachment leaves the bike looking as it should, clean and free of debris.

As for the cons, if you understand what the bag is intended for (short trips) then you shouldn’t be disappointed. It’s when you ramp up your expectations of capacity that you will find it lacking. The bag isn’t without its fault though. I really wish there was a clear pocket for a GPS. Even on short trips it would still be nice to have. The magnets, they work great, I never worry that this thing going to fall off… but that aesthetic I was so worried about is put in danger every time I throw this feller on. Magnets attract metal, duh, but if by chance those magnets attract unwanted metal and then proceed to grind it onto my paint… I will not be happy. So far so good though, I’ve been using this bag for about six months and I have yet to have a problem.

Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase, the price tag is a little hefty, but in my opinion you definitely get what you pay for here.


When stuffed, the quality of the zippers and materials really shine through… because they don’t fall apart.2015-06-09_0012

Photos via: Essential Moto

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