Muc-Off Motorcycle Products: The Best Way to Clean Your Bike All Year

Back in high school and through most of my college days I was a detailer at my local car dealership. From that experience I gained an unnatural distrust for automated car washes, OCD for my wash mitts and a need to have my motorcycle spotless. So far I’ve kept my bike clean with elbow grease, bloody knuckles and the same skills I learned back when I was washing 50 cars a day. So when Muc-Off sent over the bulk of their moto-specific cleaning products, I was skeptical. To think that any spray could clean better than my scabbed and pruney fingers was surely heresy.

Well ladies and gentleman, I guess I’m a heretic, and my knuckles have never been happier. Using the Muc-Off line convinced me that I could get my bike cleaner with less work if I used the right tools. While I tried pretty much everything that Muc-Off makes, there were some definite standouts that proved that having dedicated bike care products is well worth it.

Nano-Tech Motorcycle Cleaner: This is the foundation of the Muc-Off bike care product line and if I were only going to buy one thing, this would be it. Spray it everywhere on the bike, let it sit a few minutes, then hose it off—that’s it. No more cut up fingers trying to get into nooks and crannies. Enough said.

Matt Finish Detailer: If you happen to have a bike with a matte finish, your options for protecting that finish are somewhat limited. Thankfully, the Matt Finish Detailer takes care of those of us that have been forgotten in a world mostly filled with glossy bikes.

Soft Washing and Detailing Brushes: For the grit and grime that’s a little more stubborn, Muc-Off makes their own brushes. The Soft Washing and Detail brushes are must-haves, providing worry-free scrubbing. With the Soft Wash brush being true to its name, you can glide this scrubber anywhere without the threat of scratching. The Detail brush is a little stiffer and is meant to scrub down the heartier areas of your bike like the wheels and engine. Brushes are easier to clean the dirt out of than a mitt, and because they’re easier to clean, they last longer and save you money in the long run.

All-Weather Chain Lube: How to lube your chain is a hotly contested topic. To be clear, my process for lubing my chain is as follows: Get my chain hot with at least an hour of riding, clean and scrub it immediately once I’ve gotten home, then spray on the lube, let it set it for 5-10 minutes and wipe off the excess. This process has garnered me the best results, but regardless, I’m still left with a little lube that flings itself off. Muc-Off’s All-Weather Chain Lube deserves some recognition because I’ve never had a lube stick to my chain as well. I could tell it was different the second it came out of the can, and I was pleasantly surprised to have virtually zero lube fling-off.

Foam-Fresh: The only time my jackets ever look new is when they’re, well… new. After the first few rides, bugs, dirt and my own brand of funk will bestow an obviously “used” look to my garments. When I got my hands on the Foam-Fresh I thought “why not,” and sprayed white foam on everything. From leather boots to textile jackets, the Foam-Fresh cleaned everything up to like-new status with just a little scrubbing.

Waterless Wash: The Waterless Wash helps out during those in-between times–when your bike is a little dirty but doesn’t warrant a complete bath. Once it’s sprayed on, let it sit for a minute and then wipe those road grime water spots away with zero streaks or residue left behind. This is especially helpful in the winter months when it’s too damn cold to pull the hose out.

Speed Polish: The Speed Polish works exactly as advertised. You can spray it on all the carbon, chrome and plastic parts you want and everything buffs out to a brilliant shine. The best part about the Speed Polish is that it doesn’t leave any chalky white stuff behind. Simply spray and buff with reckless abandon.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not dedicated motorcycle cleaning products are worth it, take the leap and try out Muc-Off. You can’t go wrong with any of their products and your knuckles will thank you.

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