Motorcycle Backpack Round-Up

The act of riding a motorcycle has a plethora of advantages over driving a car. By riding a bike you get to engage in an experience that excites the senses and pulls you into the present moment like few other things can. Sadly though, the necessities of life can sometimes force you to burden your minimalist endeavor with things like luggage. Fear not, because those that have come before you have risen to the challenge of lessening those burdens by way of super cool backpacks.



In the first ever Essential Moto Round-Up we’re featuring the Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top, Kriega R-25, and the Point 65° Boblbee GT 25L. This small selection hits on a range of what’s available to consumers in the 25 liter backpack category. Furthermore, after using each of these bags for several months of commuting, we can attest that they are all worthy of being slung over our shoulders.

First up is the Speedway Roll-Top. Velomacchi is a company out of Hood River, Oregon that is being lead by the genius that is Kevin Murray. Kevin is an innovator that has put together a fantastic bag that’s clean, beautiful, and perfect for day to day use. With just enough room for the essentials, the Speedway Roll-Top will keep your commute neat and tidy for years to come with it’s compact design and top notch construction. For a more thorough breakdown check out our full review here.


2016-08-06_0006 2016-08-06_0009 2016-08-06_0007


Next up is the Kriega R25. The proverbial moto backpack standard of our trio and it did not disappoint. While lacking some of the features of the Speedway Roll-Top, the R25 is a bag that you’ll end up using as much on the bike as you do off. It’s comfortable, spacious and simple. For more info check out the full review here.


2016-08-06_0010 2016-08-06_0012 2016-08-06_0011


Last up is the Boblbee GT 25L. This safety juggernaut is sure to turn heads because of it’s purpose-built radical style. While potentially not being the best bag for someone on a cruiser, due to a hard shell and close proximity to the seat, the Boblbee GT 25L takes care of it’s rider like no other bag does. For more info check out the full review here.


2016-08-06_00022016-08-06_0004 2016-08-06_0003


Photos Via: Essential Moto

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