Motoquest: Motorcycle Tours and Rentals – Review

Growing up hearing tales of long-lost adventures, I always knew that my dad wanted to get back on a bike.

Like a lot of folks, he gave up the passion that is motorcycling for a safer existence as he settled in and provided for his family. With his kids grown, and his responsibilities not what they once were, I decided it was time for Dad to, once again, get his feet wet with two wheels. And so began the search for a bike rental.

Essential Moto: Painted Hills

With several options to choose from, I went with MotoQuest — a motorcycle rental and tours company with locations in Los Angeles (CA), San Francisco (CA), Portland (OR) and Anchorage (AK). I chose MotoQuest in large part due to their professionalism, prices, and selection of bikes. Obviously bike choice is a personal preference, but throwing your leg over a BMW with linked ABS and a myriad of other technological advances is pretty exciting for someone like my dad, whose last ride was a 1982 Honda Nighthawk.

When we arrived to pick up the bike, we were greeted by Ovi Puia — the local purveyor of rented freedom, and a really nice guy. I knew from the few phone conversations prior to our meeting that Ovi was a real biker, but his ability to inform and boost confidence was more than I had hoped for, and exactly what my slightly uncertain father needed.

After going through the checklist of available luggage and gear, all of which was included, I knew I had made the right choice in renting from MotoQuest. We hit the open road with a beautiful bike showing virtually no wear, with all the accoutrements necessary to keep Dad comfortable, and no mileage restrictions.

The next day, after zero issues (mechanical or otherwise), we sadly returned the borrowed steed. Being to able to test the waters of motorcycle ownership, without the all-in investment, is an awesome experience that is sure to help those that are on the fence. This quick glimpse of what ‘could be’ was exactly what I was going for and a few months later my dad purchased a new bike of his own, opening the door to many more adventures.
Thank you to MotoQuest for providing an awesome service as well as the opportunity for a fun trip without the commitment, and ultimately helping my dad decide to take the plunge.

KTM 1190 Adventure

Dad’s new bike.

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