MotoGeo: Adventures

If Rick Steves rode a motorcycle and didn’t know the history about where he was going, you would have MotoGeo Adventures.

MotoGeo is the product of Jamie Robinson. A racer turned globetrotting vlogger, blogger, reviewer. Basically, all the cool shit you can do with motorcycle media, he’s doing.

Jamie isn’t just another Youtuber, though. What he brings to the screen is the experience every rider craves. He’s able to capture the beauty of a curved road and far away skyline, the simple joy of pit stops, and the multitude of sounds that characterize a destination. These are the aspects of a ride that do something for your soul, and Jamie captures them perfectly.

He’s not out to make a statement about the past or future of the motorcycling industry—he shares the pure joy of living in the moment and enjoying the present. It just so happens that the best way a person can do that is from the seat of a bike—something Jamie is well-equipped to do.

Check out the rest of MotoGeo here.

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