Made in Metal: Triton

Norton + Triumph = Triton.

The guys at Made in Metal have built a completely custom, custom. I say this because the Triton was always a mash-up that was never endorsed, but always admired. No finer an example could be had than what is currently being ridden by “Jim from Cheshire”. With the ultimate in craftsmanship, a keen eye for style, and an attitude that says ‘screw you’ to anyone looking for a fault, this Triton is something to be admired. The story behind the bike is definitely worth the read over at The Rider’s Digest, or check out MiM’s Facebook and write up in BikeExif.

Made_in_Metal_Triton Made_in_Metal_TritonMade_in_Metal_Triton_3Made_in_Metal_TritonMade_in_Metal_TritonMade_in_Metal_Triton

Photos Via: Made in Metal


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