Kriega: R25 Review

As Kriega’s best selling bag, the R25 sets the bar for motorcycle backpacks.


Toting equal parts durability, features and comfort, all at a manageable price ($189), the R25 has established itself as the benchmark to which other moto-inspired bags are judged.

When Kriega sent me a sample, my first impression was that it obviously fell in line with the typical minimal Kriega aesthetic. The R25 achieves the simple yet effective look of something crafted with zero frivolity. By re-thinking a few key items, Kriega has given us a bag that is both familiar and expressly different due to its motorcycle affiliation.


Kriega_R25_0004 Kriega_R25_0003

The buckles on the front straps are simple and easy to latch, even with gloves on. Similarly, the strap adjusters allow for one handed adjustments that leave no excess flapping in the wind. With a single large YKK zipper, 1000D Dupont Cordura base and harness, the Kriega R25 is built to last. The durability of which is backed up by Kriega’s 10 year warranty.


The capacity of the Kriega R25 is also quite impressive. With 420D rip-stop nylon making up the majority of the bags material, you can stuff the bag until it looks like a balloon ready to burst. Conversely, on those days when you might not need the full capacity, compression straps come in very handy to keep unnecessary jostling at bay.

(If you find yourself in need of more than the 25 liters the R25 offers, loops at four points allow attachment of US series tail bags.)

In the hopes of also providing safety and protection to the consumer, Kriega has incorporated a retroreflective panel and a spot for a back protector. In this same spot there is room for a hydration bladder to help stave off thirst.

It’s hard to find fault with the R25. While other bags may have more farkles or accoutrements, the R25 holds your stuff with little complaint while providing the necessary modifications that make your everyday back pack so annoying on a bike. The R25 is comfortable, well thought out and it’s a bag that I’ve found myself using even when not riding. The versatility and ease-of-use this bag possesses is what I think makes it a staple for so many bikers. By not being too extreme, the R25 is the backpack you won’t have to think about, and that’s a good thing.


*This write-up is based on a review unit provided to me by Kriega*

Photos Via: Essential Moto

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