Father’s Day Motorcycle Gift Guide

If you’re on the search for what to get that special motorcycle enthusiast in your life, I’m guessing you’re probably not an enthusiast yourself. It’s either that, or you’re like me and am constantly on the lookout for stuff I can’t live without. Regardless of which camp you’ve found yourself in, here’s a list of some great items anyone with a motorcycle will appreciate.

(I get a commission through the Revzilla links, which would be cool, but you should definitely check out other sites to find the best deal. It’s what I do.)


The neck often gets neglected, but anyone who’s gotten a bug to the throat at 60 mph will attest it’s less than pleasant. While adding some insect protection, Buffs chief duty is keeping your neck from getting fried on hot days while also staving off some chill on the cool days. Every motorcyclist should have at least one, if not two or three.

Buff Coolnet UV+

Hex Keys

Hex keys, Allen wrenches, whatever you want to call them, are a staple for any garage or tool roll. The thing is, they’re not all created equal, with many being made of softer metals that strip bolts and end up rounded after a few uses. Spending a couple extra dollars on a solid set with ball ends, makes all the difference in the world to anyone needing to do their own wrenching.

Motion Pro Allen Wrenches

Safety Vests

Certainly the most expensive item on this short list, but for anyone looking to go the extra mile–inflatable safety vests are now on the market to help protect your loved ones. I reviewed the Helite Vest a while back and found it to be a little bulky but certainly worth the extra protection. Since then, Dainese has come out with an inflatable vest that deploys when the computers inside the vest detect a crash, Dainese calls it a “Smart Jacket”. The benefit with the Dainese vest is that it fits under a jacket and doesn’t require a lanyard to be connected to the bike, but does need to be charged every once in a while. 

Helite Turtle 2 review & Dainese Smart Jacket

SP Connect Moto Bundle

Ram mounts pretty much dominate the “motorcycle phone holder” space. If you’ve ever seen one though, they’re big, bulky and kind of ugly–but they work well, so they’ve become the standard. SP Connect on the other hand works well and looks like a factory installed part. I’ve been using mine for several years now and have had zero issues with nothing wearing out. They’ve even started making a chrome version for those looking to match their cruisers.

SP Connect Moto Bundle review

Muc-Off Cleaners

You’ll never go wrong with supplying someone with cleaning products. Number one, you can always use more because they’re constantly getting used up. Number two, dedicated motorcycle cleaners make all the difference in the world in terms of ease of use and really getting into the tricky parts of a bike. 

Muc-Off review

Revzilla Gift Cards

If none of the above sounds good, a gift card is always a good way to go. Especially if that special someone has been eyeing a particular item that’s way out of your price range.

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