Eagle Rider : Review

Having the chance to get away from the day-to-day grind and see what the rest of the world has to offer is something many of us don’t enjoy nearly enough. Seeing sites, meeting new people, and tasting local fare are all parts of what turn a trip into an adventure. Nothing enhances that adventure quite like the addition of a motorbike.

On a recent getaway from the two feet of unmeltable snow in Bend, Oregon, to the balmy tropics of Maui, I decided to make that addition. To begin this process I entertained the possibility of multiple vendors. Ultimately I decided on Eagle Rider due to its national status… and the fact that the rental place was walking distance from my room. So I embarked on the process of reservation, which was less than simple. The website wouldn’t take any credit cards due to some glitch, so I called in. I was connected to a reservation agent who took my money, but didn’t give me a confirmation email. Four agents and two days later I finally had the reservation set.

I picked up the bike a week and a half later from Kevin, Eagle Rider operator and the owner of Maui Motorsports. After a quick run through on the bike, I was off on my winding island journey. It was at that point I realized I was checking off a bucket list item I didn’t know I had. Having been to Maui before, and seeing many of the same views, it came as a bit of a surprise how new everything felt. The joy of being on two wheels, mixed with the views, a great riding buddy, and endless curves made it an unexpected adventure I’ll never forget.

Upon returning the bikes I sadly handed over the keys, and made my way back to the hotel in a haze of post-partum euphoria. A great ride in fantastic scenery made possible by the folks at Eagle Rider.

For those considering Eagle Rider as an option I have a few words of wisdom:

  1. Call the location you are going to rent from. My hassles with booking could have been avoided if I had made the reservation directly.
  2. If you are picky about gear, bring your own. The website mentions additional gear like jackets, but with the mentality on Maui being that you don’t go fast enough to need gear, their supply was non-existent.
  3. Get a bike appropriate for how you plan on riding. I reserved a Harley Breakout—big motor, big rear tire, mean as a factory bike can get. While this bike was a glorious bit of fun to look at and listen to, the myriad of 10 and 15 MPH corners that I was looking to hustle through had me scraping pegs and boots constantly. Thankfully, Kevin understood my predicament and let me swap the Harley for a BMW K1200S that allowed for more spirited riding.

Regardless of whether or not you choose Eagle Rider, renting a bike while traveling is a good idea. As riders, we’re accustomed to having our experiences cooked with a little more intensity. Why should your vacation be any different?

Photos Via: Essential Moto

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