Dream Wheels Heritage: Yamaha XJ 750

Dream Wheels Heritage is out of Portugal and they are indeed “built, not bought”.

Google says that Porto Portugal “…is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and Port wine production.” I know of it for only one reason, Dream Wheels Heritage. The guys at DWH have taken what was a mess and turned it into one of the best things I’ve ever seen don a set a Metzeler Karoo 3s.

2015-06-28_0001 2015-06-28_0002 2015-06-28_0003 2015-06-28_0004

2015-06-28_0005 2015-06-28_0006 2015-06-28_0007

Photos via: Dream Wheels Heritage, Blessthisstuff.com

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