Dainese TRQ-Tour Gore-Tex Boots Review

Protection without the ricky racer look.

The TRQ Tour by Dianese is yet another middle of the road, Frankenstein, bastard child of comfort and utility that I have purchased to bridge the gap that is safety and aesthetics.
I live in the pacific northwest so Gore-Tex is a luxury for riding that usually ends up paying off. If you’re on the path of gear research you have more than likely come across the wonders of this magical fabric, so I’ll keep this part short. The boots stay dry, period. Another wonder of Gore-Tex is its ability to breathe. Breathing for the TRQ Tour is a bit of a relative term here. I can’t feel the wind sweep across my toes, but my feet do stay dry even when the rest of me starts to get a bit of a funk goin. Nothing revelatory here, but nothing disappointing either.
Another reason I choose these over some other boots I was looking at, Puma Desmo GTX, was the amount of ankle protection. As you can see, there is a hinge point at the ankle of the TRQ. This allows your foot to do all the things it needs to, shifting/braking and the like, but nothing it doesn’t – ie flopping sideways. Obviously you can get more protection from a full race boot. But the TRQ Tour has the most race inspired safety features integrated while still being a subdued touring style boot. These features are what grabbed my goat and made it my front contender in boot choice.
Since I decided to make the plunge with the TRQ Tour, I’ve put about 1500 miles on these boots. Without a doubt I am quite pleased with the wear, or lack thereof. I did do a little damage kneeling down on the ground. I was trying fix an AC unit for a client and ground the toe into the concrete. Nothing major happened, but had these been full race boots I would have scratched plastic or metal instead of gouging up the leather. Other than that instance and various scuffs and scratches from normal wear and tear the boots have held up flawlessly. They still have the same “space cowboy” look to them as the day I tried them on at Moto Corsa in Portland, OR. Moto Corsa, by the way, gave me an awesome deal… even beating out Revzilla!
Conclusion: It seems like most everything I’ve been reviewing on here, I give an emphatic thumbs up. The TRQ Tours are no different. They’re comfortable, have held up well and function as intended.
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Photos Via: Essential Moto

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