Classified Moto: XV920-R6

Classified Moto melds the guts and glory power plant of yesterday with the modern “mitchell report” worthy suspension of today.

It’s not that these parts got melded together though, it’s how. The attention to a bikes geometry is often overlooked, or more commonly given up on, because getting it right is very difficult. Especially when it comes to throwing on a swing arm that it no way was ever meant to a part of this frame. But, Classified Moto goes further than just making it work, they make it look pretty damn good. For more, check out there site here, or their Facebook page; which you pretty much have to become a fan of because they actually post stuff. Also check out their quite talented photographer Adam Ewing.

Classified_Moto_XV920R6 Classified_Moto_XV920R6 Classified_Moto_XV920R6 Classified_Moto_XV920R6 Classified_Moto_XV920R6Photos Via: Classified Moto, Adam Ewing (A huge thanks to the talents of Adam Ewing),

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