Cake Kalk INK: Is this the electric dirt bike we’ve been waiting for?

Cake burst onto the motorcycling scene with bikes that look more at home in a modern art museum than your back forty. But after having the chance to ride a Kalk OR, that I wrote about on Digital Trends, I was completely blown away with the performance and approachability the lightweight trail bike offered.

I did have a few issues with the Kalk OR though. Number one, it’s expensive at $13,000. This price point puts it out of reach for most folks looking at dirt only options. Number two, the 24″ wheels make tire choice a nightmare.

Well, it seems I wasn’t the only one with those complaints because Cake just released the news that they’re adding a third bike to the Kalk lineup with the Kalk INK. The INK comes in at $9,500 while having more option friendly 19″ wheels.

It’s pretty obvious how the INK shed the $3500 from the ORs price tag. The INK loses the Öhlins suspension, in favor of a Cake branded setup, while also replacing some carbon fiber bits with plastic. Getting rid of the Öhlins is a big change, but I have a feeling the setup Cake put in its place probably isn’t lacking too much. But I’ll have to ride it before I can be 100% sure. (hint hint, Cake people)

Switching to 19″ wheels, on the other hand, is a choice that I’m 100% confident is the right one. The Kalk OR had 24″ wheels that I guarantee you can’t find aftermarket options for. Going to 19″ opens up a whole world of existing options which will make ownership a bit easier.

Pre-orders for the new Kalk INK are available now at with deliveries starting June 1st, 2020 worldwide.

Images Provided by Cake.

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