Bohn Armor Pants Review

Bohn Adventure Pants… spandex for safety.

One of the biggest threats to a riders safety is a lack of confidence. Whether you’re going into a corner a little hot, or having to make that quick flick to miss the guy that never saw you, being able to react confidently is vital to one’s survival.

This is something most riders have heard, in one form or another, over the course of their riding career. Often enough though, this type of saying doesn’t elaborate on the “how” portion of getting that confidence. Some say “it comes with experience” others “put your pants on nancy”. Neither of these statements ever helped me.

What has helped my confidence is feeling safe.


In search of a mix between style and safety I came across the Bohn-Armor-Pants. You have probably seen an ad for these, with the Kenny Chesney look-a-like kneeling down, in the back of almost all your motorcycling magazines. Any ad in the back of a magazine instantly hits me as a little cheap and gimmicky, but I had seen these so often I thought I would check them out.

I decided to go with the Adventure pants. They have CE rated armor on the butt, on the hips, on the thighs, and a knee/shin guard (also CE rated). So I instantly have more armor than almost any riding pant I could buy, and for $160 that sounded pretty good. Now I haven’t had a chance to see how well this armor holds up, knock on wood, but all the confidence inspiration I mentioned earlier is fully sufficed. Being well aware of the force of impact without any armor, as I am, these pants make my knees very happy.

Now for functionality, they say on the website that you can’t see them under your pants…. I have kind of skinny legs so I wear straight leg Levi’s. I do not in any way wear skinny jeans, and you can definitely see the padding. Not anything crazy, just bumps where there weren’t bumps before. In fact, it actually makes my legs look a little more proportionate, which has me realizing I should go spend some time at the gym. Anyways, I have worn these under jeans around my office without any crazy looks so that pretty much passes my test. You have a couple different options for the shell fabric and I went middle of the road with the adventure pants. Now that summer is here, I’m really wishing I went with the lighter fabric but all in all the lycra moves air pretty well, its just under the padded parts that get a little sweaty now and again. Just make sure you stay to the smaller size when ordering. Lycra stretches and you want the padding to stay in place in the event you do go flyin.

So there you have it, more padding than anything (short of a full race suit) to give you peace of mind to focus on the task at hand, not the “what if?” scenarios. Discreet enough, that you don’t look like “that guy” who loves to show off his $600 riding pants. Comfortable enough to wear all day on and off the bike. A justifiable purchase if there ever was one.

The only thing I could say to throw on in conjunction with the Bohn-Armor-Pants is a pair of Kevlar jeans. Denim isn’t exactly made to slide on the asphalt at 60 MPH so this might be something to look into.

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Photos via: Essential Moto

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