Bell Vortex Helmet Review

The Bell Vortex is a $400 helmet at a $180 price point.



The Vortex does the majority of its duties very well. It’s Snell rated, and has phenomenal ventilation, as well as a removable liner that is quite comfortable on my slightly oval-shaped head. It works with every visor available to the Bell Star and RS-1 line of helmets, with only a few setbacks.

Noise: This feller is loud. An easy way to get past this is to use earplugs.

Durability: Not bad. The finish is great, and none of the moveable bits have broken after 6k miles on the road. The only portion that seems to be wearing is the neck shroud. Over time, this has started to wear at the point where the helmet rim rubs. Fairly minor, but a little annoying nonetheless. Other than that, it has stood up to all that I’ve thrown at it.


Bottom line: If you’re thinking about the RS-1, I’m sure you would be happy—but for my money, the Vortex is the winner. The RS-1 is nearly the same helmet, just a bit quieter and without a Snell rating. So as long as you’re not totally stuck on having an internal visor, the Vortex will keep your noggin—and bank account—safe. For the $90 that I picked mine up for on, it’s not hard to say that this was a steal.

For a more in-depth review, check out Revzilla.


Photos Via: Essential Moto

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