Alpinestars: GP Pro Gloves Review

Alpinestars has created a high quality and value oriented glove for today’s fickle market.2016-06-25_0007

The reputations of a lot of race-ready gloves rely on the pro riders that wear them, but there are other measures of prestige outside of celebrity endorsements. While it’s not what the pros are using, the GP Pro Glove makes its mark by being good enough to copy. As the saying goes… the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, and the GP Pro Glove has imitators in spades.


The Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves are positioned just underneath Alpinestars’ top of the line GP Tech Glove, mainly due to the absence of a second palm slider. This difference, along with a few styling alterations and a $70 price difference makes the GP Pro Gloves an obvious bang-for-your-buck choice compared to the  Alpinestars GP Tech. You still get full grain leather throughout and kangaroo leather reinforcement at the palms and further protection is provided by a Kevlar lining,TPU Knuckle, finger protectors, palm slider and full wrist guard. Also included is Alpinestars’ patented “finger-bridge” that ties the pinky and ring fingers together to keep stray fingers, and subsequent breaks, to a minimum.



The attention to detail and willingness to throw nearly all the safety features of their top-of-the-line model into a reduced price-point variation is what drew me to the GP Pro. Finding a glove that provides a little extra peace of mind while not completely breaking the bank is a win-win for me. What I wasn’t so sure about was whether they would meet my needs on the track. While I can’t say how they’ll do in the event of a crash, I can say that I promptly forgot I was wearing them. The accordion stretch panel on the thumb was particularly helpful for thumb fatigue after a day of riding. In addition to the accordion panel, Alpinestars has incorporated reverse seams for further comfort as well as inlet/exhaust ports to help with air flow. With its feature laden construction, it’s not hard to understand why the GP Pro Glove is popular.


The GP Pro Gloves are not without fault, though. Initial fit is tight and overall break-in took a few sessions with a hair dryer to achieve “fit-like-a-glove” comfort. The hair dryer routine has always been the standard for me and Alpinestars gloves, and while it’s not an ongoing issue, I’ve never had to go to this length for break-in with gloves from other manufacturers Another issue with fit is the TPU knuckle. While I didn’t notice it till later in the evening, after the first track day trial, the TPU knuckle had been grinding on the middle finger knuckle on my left hand. I can only assume that this was from working the clutch repeatedly over several hours (and maybe aggravated by my Skeletor-like knuckles protruding more than the average Joe’s) but it left me with a rather sore hand for the evening. Since the track day I’ve continued to use the GP Pro Gloves for spirited day-rides and the issue is slowly diminishing as further break-in occurs. Altogether this isn’t a deal breaker as much as it is an obstacle in my quest for total glove nirvana.

The Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves offer a solution for riders looking for quality, protection and style without coughing up the cash for pro gear.  Providing ample protection with few gripes and a great price, the Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves check all the boxes in terms of cost-effective solutions that go the distance.


Photos via: Essential Moto

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